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The mission of VIPSPORTS is to give an opportunity to everyone who has realized that doing sports can make their life healthier, more exciting and more successful - to train smartly, using proven and current sports diagnostic technologies and training methods.


VIPSPORTS is the second oldest sports laboratory in Latvia, which started offering its services in 2004. At that time, there was a great desire to do something valuable for Latvian sports activists. Today, in addition to this desire, we also have at our disposal an optimally wide range of sports diagnostic equipment. We systematically monitor innovations in the fields of sports diagnostics and training methodologies, test them and offer them to our customers.


The VIPSPORTS logo depicts not only a stylized athlete, but also the two dominant emotions in sports – joy at victory and sadness at loss. Both of these emotions, adequately evaluated and understood, both in life and in the logo lead upwards - to higher achievements, better results and more developed abilities. The services and products provided by VIPSPORTS serve as a dot on the "i" in the development process of every athletically active person.

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